Friday, March 22, 2013

smartos: add additional disk from a different zpool

I have 2 zpools

  pool: zones
  pool: zpool_repos

I want to add to a KVM machine a disk living not in the zones pool, but in the other one.

My VM is already provisioned.
First of all I must stop it.

vmadm stop <uuid>

Now I create a ZFS volume

zfs create -V 10G zpool_repos/mykvmdata

Now I create a json file for the update

vi adddisk.json

   "add_disks": [
          "media": "disk",
          "model": "virtio",
          "nocreate": "true",
          "boot": false,
          "path": "/dev/zvol/rdsk/zpool_repos/uuu"


Now I update the KVM machine.

vmadm update 5942c90f-ecbb-4acd-822f-43e1901e2eb6 -f dataset.json

That's all.
Now, after starting the virtual machine, from inside it, I must partition the new disk (i.e. /dev/vdb in linux) and format.

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