Friday, August 9, 2013

MegaCLI on SmartOS

I'm working on a Dell R710 with PERC H700 controller.

# prtconf -v|grep -i raid
                        value='RAID controller'
                        value='MegaRAID SAS 2108 [Liberator]'

# prtconf -v|grep -i perc
                        value='PERC H700 Integrated'

Firts of all go to LSI website and search by keyword "MegaCLI. Then download Latest MegaCLI (there is Solaris OS).

Unzip it and copy MegaCLI/MegaCli_Solaris/x86/MegaCli to your SmartOS global zone (under /opt/custom/bin for example).

Now edit it with vi (yes, with vi), search for mr_sas and change this word (the driver name) to dr_sas.

Without doing this the utility doesn't detect any controller.

# ./MegaCli -adpCount                              

Controller Count: 0.

Exit Code: 0x00

Thanks to jacques, Nils and elijah on the smartos-discuss mailing list.

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