Friday, October 10, 2014

falcao.js: an IP Address and MAC address Tracker / Monitor

Just for curiosity I managed to play with Node.js in the last times.
As stated in other parts of this blog, I am not a developer. I know a little of programming theory, I have used various languages, but I'm not a programmer.

So, just to try node.js, I've developed a tool called Falcao.js

Falcao.js is a remake of Hawk (hosted on Sourceforge):

"Hawk is an IP address tracking utility to monitor and compare what's answering on your network and what's in DNS. It can identify unauthorized address usage, or show you which addresses in DNS haven't been used in a while and can be reclaimed".

Falcao.js has the same purposes.

You can find more information on the github repository:, take a look to the Wiki.

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