Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oracle Database Appliance: random notes

How to create a shared repository

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli create repo shared1 -dg data -size 50G

How to import a VM template

You must/can download a template from edelivery.oracle.com
You need to put the template or the assemly inside the DOM0, then import it from ODA_BASE.
[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli import vmtemplate prova -assembly /tmp/OVM_OL7U2_x86_64_PVHVM.ova -repo shared1 -node 0

How to create a VM

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli clone vm pigna -vmtemplate prova -repo shared1 -node 0

How to create a vdisk

A vdisk that will be attacched to the VM
[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli create vdisk pignadiskl -repo shared1 -size 5G -type local

How to create a cpupool

The same pool name must be configured on each node.
[root@oda12 ~]# oakcli create cpupool provapool -numcpu 2 -node 1
[root@oda12 ~]# oakcli create cpupool provapool -numcpu 2 -node 0

How to configure the VM

Add two network interfaces

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli configure vm pigna -network "['type=netfront,bridge=net1','type=netfront,bridge=net2']"

Enable failover

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli configure vm pigna -failover true

Attach an additional disk

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli modify vm pigna -attachvdisk pignadiskl

Configuring cpupool

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli configure vm pigna -cpupool provapool

Starting the VM

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli start vm pigna

Attacching to the console

You must ssh to the ODA_BASE using -Y flag.
[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli show vmconsole pigna
A VNC session will start

Expanding the disk space from inside the VM

This is the vdisk created before.
[root@pigna ~]# btrfs device add /dev/xvdb /
You can attach additional vdisks, and the VM OS will see them without the need to reboot it.

Adding space to the repo

[root@oda11 ~]# oakcli configure repo shared1 -incsize 25G

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