Friday, July 20, 2012

Firefox SRKiosk add-on

A full screen locked kiosk mode for Firefox.


Download from




Many things can be changed editing the extension files, see below.
  • Forced full screen
  • All keyboard shortcuts disabled
  • Mouse right-click disabled
  • Menu bar, Add-on bar, Bookmarks toolbar, Navigation toolbar all disabled (hidden?)
  • Hidden address bar
  • Hidden search bar
  • Eventually, “about:”, “file:”, “chrome:” and “resource:” URLs are forbidden
  • You can place “link buttons” as if they are bookmars
  • Print button and Zoom button are available
You must edit files by hand.


I'm not a programmer. I don't know very well Firefox add-ons. So, you can use this extension at your own risk. :-)

To configure and customize this extension, it is supposed:
  • you know where Firefox extensions are installed on your system i.e. /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/muwypw2y.default/extensions on Linux and Solaris or C:\Document and settings\user\Application data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\fj5drt33.default\extensions\ under Windows

  • you are able to edit files (using vi, gedit, wordpad, notepad or what you like)

How to disable the extension

To disable the extension, you must start Firefox in safe mode, then disable or uninstall it:

firefox -safe-mode

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