Friday, July 20, 2012

Firefox SRKiosk add-on Q&A

Where is my profile folder?

Help > Troubleshooting Information
In the new tab click the Show Folder button, or Open Directory.

How to remove Close button

To remove the X close button, delete these lines from content/srkioskbrowser.xul

<toolbarpalette id="BrowserToolbarPalette">
   <toolbarbutton id="closebutton" 

      label="Close browser"
      tooltiptext="Close browser"
      class="toolbarbutton-1 chromeclass-toolbar-additional closebutton"

How to add a link in the top bar

To add a link button in the custom toolbar, edit the content/srkioskbrowser.xul file, put something like this code inside the <toolbox id="navigator-toolbox"> and <toolbar id="KioskLinks-Toolbar"> elements.

The vbox id="Kiosk-ResizeBar" is a vertical line to divide buttons

<toolbox id="navigator-toolbox"> 
   <toolbar id="KioskLinks-Toolbar" toolbarname="Kiosk Links Toolbar" 
      class="chromeclass-toolbar" context="toolbar-context-menu"
      hidden="false" persist="hidden">

      <toolbarbutton label="Button link text" 
         tooltiptext="Tooltip on mouse over"
         oncommand="objToolbar.LoadURL('')" />

         <vbox id="Kiosk-ResizeBar" />



How to change home page

Edit the content/variables.js file and set var v_homepage. This will be the home page on browser startup and it is the link associated with the home button.

var v_homepage = "";

Note. Such homepage will not be effective the first time you launch Firefox after the change: you must close the browser and reopen it.

Such variable is used in the content/srkioskbrowser.js file


How to uninstall the Firekiosk plugin

Easy: start Firefox from command line using the -safe-mode option. Then Tools->Addon->Extensions and remove.

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