Friday, July 20, 2012

Solaris, snooping RPC and "can't authenticate (unknown cause)" message

The problem

I had a problem with QStar Remote Admin connecting to a Solaris server. As far I can understand QStar uses RPC.
Sniffing traffic using snoop, I've seen a message like this: → RPC R (#140) x10=1209249015 can't authenticate (unknown cause)

The problem was that local_only option in the network/rpc/bind service was set to true.

The solution

  svc:> select network/rpc/bind
  svc:/network/rpc/bin> setprop config/local_only=false
  svc:/network/rpc/bind> quit
svcadm refresh network/rpc/bind:default
svcprop network/rpc/bind:default | grep local_only


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